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EAST Conference 2023

MARCH 14-16, 2023

One problem. An infinite number of solutions. This is our reality. Join us as we embark into the EASTverse.

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Breakout Sessions

Registered EAST students and facilitators will have the opportunity to Enter the EASTverse and grow their knowledge by attending Breakout Sessions during EAST Conference.

Breakout Sessions are short professional development opportunities for students and facilitators, similar to EAST Student Training sessions. Breakout Sessions will be offered on Wednesday, March 15 and Thursday, March 16. These Breakout Sessions will be hosted in 5 breakout rooms, and 1 session in the arena, with a total of 28 sessions offered over the 2-day span. Each Breakout Session will be presented in-person, and all of the breakout sessions in 2 of our rooms will also be LIVE STREAMED or RECORDED for future viewing on the student training platform. Four Breakout Session formats will provide varied methods of learning:

  • Presentation

    Speaker presentation. Primarily one-way interaction between presenter(s) and the audience. The length of these sessions will be 45-minutes.

  • Panel

    Interactive Q&A session with a moderator and multiple subject matter experts. The length of these sessions will be 45-minutes.

  • Workshop

    A focus on creating an experience that is interactive, educational, and conversational that addresses a specific topic. These sessions are not dependent on technology. The length for these sessions will be 60-minutes.

  • Hands-On

    Interactive, hands-on training covering specific technology, software, and other tools in the EAST environment. The length for these sessions will be 1.5 to 2-hours.

There is no pre-registration process for Breakout Sessions. Sessions are available for viewing on the website.

  • Breakout Sessions are open to EAST students and facilitators with a Full Access Pass.
  • Seating will open 15 minutes prior to each session; arrive early to secure your seat.
  • Seating capacity for in-person Breakout Session rooms are shown on the Breakout Session Schedule below.
  • One of the Breakout Session rooms will be livestreamed. Each school will receive an access code for the livestreamed sessions WITH their in-person registration. This is an option for EAST students who want to participate in EAST Conference but are not apart of the schools conference team.
  • Students can “Favorite” any Breakout Session they want to attend on their My Planner page. While this does not reserve a seat for a student, it aids in schedule building. Simply select “Favorite” next to a session and the listing will turn pink for easier viewing.