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EAST Conference 2023

MARCH 14-16, 2023

One problem. An infinite number of solutions. This is our reality. Join us as we embark into the EASTverse.

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Documentation Team - Photographer


  • Required

    • Active EAST student with experience operating a DSLR camera
    • Experience capturing and editing photos
    • Ability to continuously move around the Convention Center throughout the day
  • Preferred

    • A signed media release form
    • Experience with Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, or other similar editing software
    • Understanding of general photography rules and practices (composition, rule of thirds, lighting, framing, etc.)
    • Skilled in organization and following directions
    • Detail-oriented
    • Excellent documentation and communication skills (small and large groups)
    • Project management skills
    • Ability to monitor, adjust and improvise when necessary

Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Before Conference

    • Communicate in a timely manner (phone & email) with the Documentation Team Leader, other team members, and the Photography Team Mentor prior to EAST Conference
    • Attend and participate in the duration of the Leadership Team Retreat
    • Collaborate with the Documentation Team to create a plan of action for the shot list
  • During Conference

    • Attend and participate in the entire EAST Conference (from arrival through Closing Session)
    • Capture photographs of various aspects of EAST Conference according to the team’s shot list.
    • Select a broad representation of shots of the event, edit, and categorize the images
    • Assist in creating the final slideshow to be displayed during the Closing Session
    • Deliver all edits and original files to Photography Team Mentor each day of EAST Conference before leaving the Convention Center
    • Other duties as assigned

Many Documentation Team positions have schedules that occasionally require them to work during “off” times. Before applying, review the Sample Documentation Team Schedule to better understand the responsibilities and time commitments at Conference.

Submission Instructions

Follow the instructions below and submit your completed application by 3:00 pm CST on Friday, November 18, 2022.

REMEMBER: DO NOT wait until the last day or the last minute to submit your application. The submission form will automatically be disabled at 3:01 pm CST on the deadline date. If you are in the middle of submitting a form at this time, your submission will NOT be received. If the form does not disable properly, submissions received after 3:00 pm CST will still not be considered in order to remain fair and consistent for all applicants. Please remember that upload speeds can vary depending on file type, school bandwidth, etc. Deadline days have a high volume of students submitting, which can cause delays in uploading files and submitting applications. If you encounter an issue on the deadline day, EAST staff may have limited (if any) availability to assist. EAST staff will not grant you a deadline extension.

  1. Get Ready

    Before submitting your application, make sure you have all the required materials:

  2. Complete the Online Application

    Complete the application to tell us why you should be on the Leadership Team. We want to know about your EAST experience and what qualifies you for this position. Additionally, you will upload a zipped file to your application (see step three below).

  3. Upload Videos and Forms

    Combine the required materials into one (1) Zipped File with a 1 GB (1048576 KB) max file size. Be sure to review the requirements in step one. For instructions on how to zip a file, please click here for Windows instructions or here for Mac instructions.

  4. Submit

    After completing the online application, click the “Submit” button. Once you see the “Submission Received” page, you will not be able to make any changes. If you do not receive an email confirmation, assume there was an error and that your submission was not completed. Please go back and complete the online application again. If you still do not receive an email, please contact

  5. Have Your Facilitator Complete the Facilitator Nomination Form

    The nomination is to be completed by your current facilitator. Please submit one unique application per student nominee.